Modern Infrastructure for the Travel Industry

We build distribution technology that removes the need for intermediaries between hotels and travel sellers, helping hospitality providers improve their margins, distribution capabilities and data security.

Distribution Powered by Hotels

Our peer-to-peer technology extends existing hotel reservation systems, making them scalable and able to directly support the global load of travelers searching for hotel rooms in real time.

This removes the need for GDS, switches, wholesalers and affiliate networks that sit between hotels and travel sellers today.

The Modern Approach to Travel Distribution
Higher Margins

Our technology makes it possible for travel sellers to pull ARI data and business rules directly from hotel systems in real time, removing intermediaries and their associated fees and markups.

Unmatched Capabilities

We help hotels sell their inventory in new ways, bypassing the limited capabilities of traditional intermediaries. Hotels can create completely custom pricing logic that is distributed directly to travel sellers, enabling new revenue opportunities and a better traveler experience.

First Class Security and Data Privacy

Our peer-to-peer technology keeps guests and booking data away from 3rd party’s infrastructure, helping with data privacy regulation compliance and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Empowering Innovators in Travel

Own Your Distribution

  • Higher margins
  • Rate leakage prevention
  • Advanced distribution capabilities
  • Stronger data privacy and security

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Travel Sellers

Grow Your Business

  • Improved Profitability
  • Better cash-flow
  • Advanced booking capabilities
  • Superior traveler experience

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