ARISE | We help anyone connect to hotels

Arise is a distributed network for hotels and the ecosystem of products and services around them. Our blockchain based technology lets hotels work with anyone that wants to sell hotel rooms in a trustless way.

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Fixing the Mess

Today, hotels send their room and rate information over networks that have been pieced together from third-party services each with their own APIs, data formats and local caches.

These services take a cut of hotel booking revenue or charge for connectivity. They're difficult to connect to, struggle to keep their local cache in sync and act as single points of failure.

The Power of Decentralization

The Arise network relies on blockchain technology to build a distributed cache of hotel room and rate information that all connected systems can use at the same time.

Anyone connected can use it to access up-to-date hotel room and rate information and send new bookings to hotels. It's free to use, simple to setup, scalable and reliable.

A New Model for Commissions

On the Arise network, hotels set the commission rate they're willing to pay for a booking along with their nightly rates. Any service can choose to sell that hotel's rooms and earn the set commission amount.

We use smart contracts on our network to automatically handle commission payouts, giving both parties the confidence to work together without signing a traditional contract.

How Arise Makes This Possible

Arise has created a network node that anyone can run on their own infrastructure. It automatically syncs with the Arise network and provides a simple but powerful GraphQL interface for applications to interact with hotel data.

An Arise node provides a local cache of all hotel data, the business logic needed to perform complex and open ended queries ideal for packaging and also connectivity to other connected applications and hotels on the network.

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