Our Technology

In the past, the investment in IT and infrastructure required for hotels to support their own distribution network would have been impractical.

Advances in distributed ledger technology have allowed us to create a hybrid model, giving hotels a low cost solution to combat onward-distribution and enforce rate-parity, while being able to distribute their ARI data in real time to a global market.

How it Scales

Our technology moves the network’s query load to the edge of the network allowing connected partners to scale their own network resources as needed to serve their customer base.

Each additional partner that joins the network adds capacity to support their own query load.

Exact Control

Hotels have wide range of control over how their data is shared with retail partners. Every partner on the network can have access to different data and agreements can be enforced with technology and not just paper contracts.

Data privacy is important and we make sure to keep each partner’s data siloed so the data provided to one partner on the network isn’t visible to the others.

Our technology makes segmentation of rates, inventory and even dynamic commission amounts possible now that hotels have power over the entire distribution process.

GDPR Compliant

Our Distributed Ledger Technology is fully compatible with with GDPR and other privacy regulations.

Personally Identifiable Information is encrypted and can be deleted if required.

Battle Tested

Our technology is based on architecture that has been battle tested in other industries. Its resilience and scalability have been proven for mission critical applications.

An Industry Match

Hospitality distribution has notoriously high "look-to-book" ratios. The nature of a distributed ledger places this high query local at the edges of the network, protecting hotel systems from being overwhelmed.

Enforced Rate Parity

By running search, payment and booking processes through our technology, stronger rate-parity validation options are available.

Cross checking the amount a guest was actually charged for a booking makes it possible for the hotel to enforce a minimum rate on retailers they don't control.

Controlled Distribution

Our technology removes the need for traditional caching making it possible for our networks to dynamically adjust information returned on a request-by-request basis. ARI results served to partners aren't linked to unique identifiers that are used over long periods of time.

These factors make it difficult for third-parties to sell network hotel inventory unless they've been directly given access by the hotel.