Own Your Distribution

We help hotels run their own distribution network without fees, markups or heavy investment in IT.

How Hotels Benefit
Higher Margins

Connect directly with travel sellers and cut out intermediaries and their associated fees and markups. Leverage the real time synchronization of your ARI and pricing rules with travel sellers to increase your revenue.

Rate Leakage Prevention

Our technology automatically prevents the undesirable onward distribution of your discount and net rates, blocking travel sellers from being able to undercut your hotel.

Advanced Distribution Capabilities

Sell the right room to the right guest at the right price by sharing more data points with your partners in real time while pushing your custom pricing logic to travel sellers instantly.

Data Security and Privacy

Our peer-to-peer technology directly transfers reservation data from the travel seller to your system, removing intermediaries and keeping guest and booking data away from third party databases.

Transparent Technology - Transparent Pricing
Simple Connectivity

We connect to your Channel Manager, PMS or CRS and work just like any other distribution channel.

Low Risk

Arise runs in parallel to your existing connectivity. We won't disrupt your existing distribution channels.

No Contracts or Transaction Fees

We have no long-term contracts or transaction fees. We want to earn your business.

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