Our peer-to-peer technology is a turn-key solution for OTAs / TMCs that want to book directly with hotels.

  • Rich content and ARI sourced directly from hotel systems
  • Built-in payment / virtual card payouts
  • Next-day commission reconciliation and payment
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How We're Different

Increased Profit

Our “peer-to-peer” based architecture allows connected parties to store and transmit all types of hotel data directly without intermediaries, revolutionizing hotel inventory distribution and solving major issues presented by current distribution technology.

Improved Cash-flow

We use distributed ledger technology to create a single, auditable source-of-truth for all data shared between connected parties.

This allows us to automate business processes like commission reconciliation, making sure OTAs / TMCs get paid in hours instead of months.

Higher Attachment Rates

Faster response times, no stale cache data and better hotel content all lead to a superior booking experience for travelers.

Guests are more likely to book flights and hotel rooms in one place when the experience is seamless.

All Processes in One Platform

Back Office Automation

With the added transparency we provide, we give hotels and their partners the confidence that manual financial processes can be safely automated.

Battle Tested Technology

We handled the reconciliation of commissions for over 10 million bookings in 2019.

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